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About Bottom-Line Analytics and Marketing Mix Modeling

What would you say if somebody told you they could increase your company’s revenue by at least 2% without requiring that you spend one additional dime on marketing or promotion?  Recently, Bottom-Line Analytics – BLA – did a project for one of the country’s largest state lotteries with total revenue of about 6 point 6 billion dollars.  For this client, BLA conducted a comprehensive marketing audit and developed analytic models which directly linked their 40 million dollars in media and promotion spending to sales outcomes.  In fact, BLA developed a mathematical model that could predict their sales with 98% accuracy.   As this was concluded, BLA conducted one final and critical exercise.  It developed a tool that enabled them to simulate & forecast actual sales across 9 regions by changing any of their 200 ads and promotion events.   BLA then did this single exercise, which held their 40 million dollar total marketing spend constant and just reallocated money from less to more productive ads and promotion events. In the end, BLA revealed that this lottery could increase their sales by almost $800 million – 12.1% – without increasing their $40 million dollar advertising budget by one dime!

Would you be interested in speaking with Michael Wolfe, Bottom-Line Analytic’s CEO, to find out how this can work for your company and brands? In fact, once Mr. Wolfe has had a chance to speak to you and learn about your unique situation, he is willing to guarantee a certain “attractive” return on what his company could do for you.

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